Network Administration:

On-Site can provide you with network administration either as your primary IT person, or as needed when your IT staff is busy with other projects.

Remote / VPN Access:

On-Site can set you up with remote access and/or a Virtual Private Network so that all of your employees that need to get to data that is located on your servers can.

System Repair and Preventative Maintenance:

Preventative maintenance is just what it says. We will periodically come and clean your PCs inside and out. We get out viruses, malware and all other types of spyware along with installing all software patches.


VoIP is the latest technology to help you save money. Your phone calls now come over the internet. We can help save you up to 60% on your current phone bill by switching to VoIP, and you can keep your current phone numbers.

Other Services:

On-Site can provide you with all the services that a large companies IT department could. The difference is that we come to you when you need us.